Unlike the many Americans who insist they’ll move to Canada if Donald Trump is elected president, we’re among the few who actually could rent out our house and go into exile.

When you have two passports there’s always that option. A majority of Americans don’t even have one, much less a work visa for Canada.

So why stick around?

Here are five reasons we’ll keep living on this side of the pond after Nov. 8, and regardless of what happens that day.

  1. Americans support progressive policies when it really comes down to it, and that trend will solidify as Millennials take over. This election year is likely just a bump in the road.
  2. Demographics are on our side. It’s no secret that the mono-colored, angry crowds cheering at Trump rallies will soon be relegated to minority status. Within a few decades, they’ll be outnumbered. We can wait them out.
  3. We’ve had bad leaders before and survived. That includes some in modern times: Richard Nixon (Watergate scandal), Ronald Reagan (Iran-Contra affair), George W. Bush (costly and unjustified Iraq war) and so on
  4. This country offers the very best, and the very worst when it comes to culture, politics, food and education – and it’s been that way for a long time. Eight years of Trump, or any other president, won’t change that fact.
  5. As citizens, we have a duty to help this country improve. We’ll need all hands on deck to set our leaders straight after this possible and unprecedented disaster. We owe it to our children, and to 319 million other Americans who can’t just up and leave.

Considering all that, I still feel pretty good about where I am.


(Photo:  Austin Kirk)